Posted on: May 1, 2020

Author: Ahmed Arul

See you in all

Differences, we make as we grow, Child doesn’t

In this current world we all used to move between different places in this earth, which makes us to get connected with different community people’s. While my son was studying in kindergarten, I asked him, who is your friend and he said a name, then I eagerly asked him that, from which country he is? My son replied me, which made me to think that, from which age in our life we start to find the difference between us.

How the difference might be started?

Life started in different places, as it grows, we might started to form some community following some believes. As it grows for generations, there may be separation between a community based on some factors. For generations, quite a number of factors we create to find difference between us, which we need not be specific, as there are more generations to come, more factors may be created.

Do we need a separation within us?

We no need to have the difference, as just a look back, what factors we considered before may not be important in today’s world as we may accepted the earlier as not a difference but, found something new.

How to avoid the difference between us?

Look all as you.

My kids, just stand in front of the mirror, you can look at you. If you smile, the image on the mirror too smile. Start looking good in all which may help you to see all as you.

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